unload, shuffle, sit, rest, sleep

I am standing in an empty house, soon to be our home. The hardwood floors carry my voice throughout each room as the echoes fade from front to back. This is a naked place, old but not dusty, cramped but not small. Our little Colorado bungalow will be our home for the next year as we seek out our place in this village of two and a half million souls.

Our trailer sits out front, loaded with everything we own. The day is cool and sunny, highs in the upper 80s, I think. I am ready to unload, but the unloaders we hired will not be here for another two hours. I have popped a couple Ibuprofen to ease my joints into the days activities. The ramp is set up, awaiting many busy feet, hand trucks, and the unloading of our stuff.

“How much can I unpack before my back disagrees with my mental age?” I can only wonder and try.

So far so good, our trip was uneventful except for a check engine light in Kansas City, MO. We arrived two days earlier than expected and have been alternating our days between rest and getting lost in the city. The city is set up on a grid; however, sometimes streets will end and then pick up a few blocks later. This phenomenon has frustrated our attempts to get around, and sitting in the car trying to re-orient ourselves is not easy any longer.

Tonight we will rest in our new home, learning of the creaks and groans that occur at odd hours. Our landlords are nice people, so are our neighbors. We are in a good location where we could never afford to buy, but that is beside the point. My time is short on the computer today; my thoughts are one-sided, much like a Labrador playing with a tennis ball. Unload, visualize, place, shuffle, sit, rest, sleep. That is the rest of my day, in a nutshell…

grace and peace



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