We are beginning to pack and get ready for our move. I will probably post sermons and prayers over the next few weeks. Other posts will be a little more sporadic as most of my energy needs to go into the moving part of my life at this point.

For the most part life is life. It is getting harder and harder to say good-bye to different people in my life. I have said good-bye to all of my clients, no more counseling for the moment. I have three sermons and services to plan and take part in, then it is good-bye to the church.

Friends, well I don't know where to begin saying good-bye to the friends who have meant so much to me. I know it is not forever and we will keep in touch as best we know how, but no more spur of the moment lunches and golf outings with the people who I feel have witnessed a great deal of my growing up.

These transitions are bound to happen, this won't be our last move. However, learning to actually say good-bye and confront the pain and uncomfortableness is more difficult than expected. It also feels much better than the running away that I am used to doing.

I will miss the people who have meant so much to me; but then again, I am moving Colorado, not dying. We have the best of hiking and skiing and we will just have to visit one another. Why the hell else would we have an extra bed in the house if people weren't going to visit?

There is much to do here before we go. I placed my application for licensure as a Clinical Social Worker on Friday. Hopefully, I will hear something soon so that I can add taking the examination to my list of things to do before we move. Nothing like studying for a life-changing, life-affirming test while you are packing and processing.

We are getting used to the idea that the south/mid atlantic is no longer our home. I think we will like our new digs. Getting there is a pain in the ass, but not much more, so we will survive. I will return comments as I can, this seems to be the only place that is not moving at the moment, so the stability will be nice...

grace and peace

grace and peace



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