Our new home

I would be an interesting specimen for a phrenologist; after four days in our new home, I have hit my head three times on the pipes in our basement. I am now dwelling in the land of short people, and it hurts.

The moving in phase has hit a bump in the road for the moment. After three days of unpacking and placing items in our place, our energy has waned and we now just sit and stare at the boxes for hours on end. Our bedroom has yet to be set up; our clothes lay dormant in their cardboard cells; we have food, which is always good. In fact, the kitchen was the first and is the only room that is 95% complete at the moment.

One thing we are learning is that the people who told us about Denver’s weather were only half right. It is beautiful out here. However, all of the sunshine we receive has translated into a week of mid-90’s heat much like the rest of the country, and we have no air-conditioning. So our lives are lived with the constant hum of fans as background noise. This is not a bid for sympathy, just a fact of our existence.

There are still days where I wake and say to myself, “what the hell have I done?” I hope the questioning will stop soon; I need people to talk to, friends to meet. We have been fairly self-contained for the last week, and I can tell that we need some human contact that we are not married to.

These transitions are always interesting to me. I have moved twenty some odd times in my short life, so being in a new place is easy for me. It is a time to re-invent and try new things; a transitional period where two worlds are colliding and what comes next is something entirely new but made up of the old rags of my existence. My life is funny in that way.

We live in a wonderful area, a lot of younger couples and tree-lined streets. We have a park within three blocks of our rented house and a grocery store within eight. We have a front porch and afternoon shade. I am learning how to make a Mojito and soon that will be our occasional evening drink as we watch the world pass by.

There are several churches in the area, but I am not sure where we will try and attend. The neighbor across the street attends an “emergent church” called Soul that was an offshoot of an Evangelical Presbyterian mega-church. The EPC is too conservative for my taste, they don’t ordain women and that is the first thing that tells me we won’t get along too well. It would be interesting to see how the “church” works, so we may try to attend the “conversation” once or twice just to get the flavor.

Truthfully, I am so entrenched in the PC(USA) culture that I would have a hard time not being involved in a theologically progressive congregation. I need the freedom to stretch and struggle with God, not the answers that I find in most places. I am really beginning to feel my desire for mystery taking root in everything I think and believe. It is much more interesting for me not to know than it is too know. I feel more alive in the fluidity and flow of ambiguity than in the safety and security of solid answers. I am beginning to wonder if there is a home out there for one who seeks to find their home everywhere though…



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