Back and forth they grew like machine sown fields of wheat, each rut giving away the direction of its maker. The fields of green, hemmed on one side and rough on the other stretched before me. A gentle breeze surrounded my face as the sun shone during its downward trek towards the horizon. Shoes kept my feet from the cool damp earth as a steady hum filled the silence.

“You will never be what you were intended to be. Your growth will be stunted, constricted to that which surrounds you. You should be happy you have made it this far…” came echoing from deep within and screamed into the dark corners of my mind. I almost spoke it aloud, but I was alone, suburban alone, and didn’t want to draw attention to myself. It was a secret thought anyway, so I smiled.

The music began as my mp3 player hummed to life. Liz Phair and I sang at the top of our lungs “I am extraordinary, if you ever get to know me…” The words were lost in the rumble that grew from the ground. I am sure that no one heard it, that no one cared, so I smiled again and even kicked my heels a little bit. I ducked under the branch of a tree and watched the shadows creep along the ground. The sun and I are almost finished. I have mowed the lawn…

grace and peace



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