resource request

I have agreed to teach an adult Vacation Bible School course in the church where I work. I have spent a great deal of time debating whether or not to do this, mainly because I could not come up with a topic. This afternoon in the place where I am convinced all good ideas come from, the bathroom, I decided on a topic for the course.

The title of the course is: Beyond labels and diatribes: The promise of postmodern Christianity (-or- Why can't we all just get along?).

My newest question-- after spending a great deal of my day with books on postmodern theory, philosophy, and art (as well as a great deal of coffee to keep me awake)-- does anyone know of any good resources related to one of the following topics: the use of labels in culture, postmodern thought/religion, public theology, or anything else that might fit within this broad topic.

I believe that I will start with some work out of Max Stackhouse's Public Theology and Political Economy. That will help with some of the label work, but I could use another source here. I downloaded several definitions and essays about postmodern thought (wikipedia, etc.) but need more of a comprehensive work to teach from.

The class is five nights. One night will be an introduction, then three nights of teaching, and one for a wrap-up/questions and answers time. Any ideas out there?

grace and peace



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