Let's see...

...been sick with a cold. I hate being sick, it zaps my energy and turns me into one big whiny mess.

...our house went on the market. No buyers yet, but our fingers are crossed.

...we will be heading to Colorado next week to begin looking for a place to live and become acclimated to the rarified air. So if I get a chance to post I will, but don't count on it.

...finished editing the first draft of a (possibly publishable) project on pastoral counseling. Either way, the project was beneficial to me and others in the counseling center and that is what matters most at this point.

...I am beginning to tell clients that I am leaving. It is tough, for them and me, but it is nice to have some good good-byes.

...softball season began. My legs hurt; my back hurts; my ego really hurts.

...take care of yourselves. I will be back when I am back. Until then,

grace and peace



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