pastoral prayer 6.19.05

In solemn days and dark nights
We cry out for a sign, a mark, a signal
That you are with us.
When the darkness comes and we are afraid,
When troubles surround us and our will begins to fade,
We tremble knowing where we have tread,
O Lord, our strength and resolve,
Awaken us from our slumber!
Grant peace to the anxious
Rest for the weary
Hope for those who have given up.

In the midst of your mystery,
We raise our arms to the heavens
In the hope that you will embrace us
Despite the people we have become.
While the world crumbles,
Wars rage,
People starve,
We cry out for a light that will bathe the darkness we have created.

Out of our brokenness we hope to begin anew
Seeking a different way to live out your desires for us,
Like a sword you sent your son to remove us from our comforts
To place us in the wilderness so that we might wander and wonder
Give us the strength for the journey ahead.
So that we might do what little we can in order to further your kingdom here on earth,
One where justice rolls down like a mighty river,
And peace flows like an ever-present stream…



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