Mother's day prayer

Almighty God,
When we awake to deep blue skies and crisp mornings it is easy to call you Lord. When we can remember our mothers with fondness and smiles we know that you are good.

Like a hen gathering her brood you call out to each of us; pulling us ever nearer; gathering us into the safety of your wings; bringing us closer to one another so that we may know you and be known to one another.

We are thankful for the good mothers you bring into our lives, whether aunts or grandmothers, friends, colleagues or cousins. Mothering happens when we are loved by people in the same manner that you have loved us. Help us to remember these mothers of nature and nurture, remind us of these people who have taught us the lessons of love and life, who have given of themselves and asked for little in return.

Help us to remember the mothers who have taught us the lessons of good living. Lessons about sharing the gifts we have with those who have little; lessons about our individuality and our need to be together; lessons about courage and hope, joy and sorrow; lessons about when to say “yes” and when to say “no.”

We know, O God, that our honor of the mothers in our lives should extend beyond one day. Help us to remember those people who have given out of their own wholeness; those who model what it means to be healthy individuals who love one another.

Creator God,
As we look out on the world you have gifted us, remind us of those who have not had the opportunity to be nurtured by good mothers. Our world can feel empty to those who have not been loved in a manner that helps them grow.

Sometimes our attempts at mothering become smothering, we help out of our own need to be affirmed, rather than our desire to see someone grow. At these times, O God, give us the strength to stand firm in our createdness, loving one another because we have been loved by you, not because we need to feel loved.

Help each one of us to be good mothers, female or male, young or old, rich or poor. Through the strength of your Spirit, we all have the opportunity to care, the opportunity to love, and the opportunity to bring your peace to the world and to one another.

Just as your son loved and valued each one of us, we pray that we may be able to do a little of the same with one another. Grant each one of us the wisdom not to be perfect, but to be good enough mothers for one another. For we ask all these things praying the prayer taught to us so many years ago…



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