A prayer of worship

Prayer is the poetry of my soul. It is the substance of the person I long to be when I am laid naked before the living God. It is the lament of the things I have done and the things I have left undone. For me, prayer is a movement, a dance with a life that is held before me, but cannot be fully grasped. It is having a partner who moves effortlessly with me, but if I hold too tight she disappears...

O God you are my God,
And I will worship you all the days long,
I will sing your praises with my heart,
my soul,
my mind
I will sing your praises with my life.

O God I am thankful that,
you came after the still small breeze,
and not the crashing rumbling thunder;
Help me to walk in life gently
and soothe the weary souls that surround me.

O God worship so often becomes a production,
ministers entertain,
congregations sit listless and unmoving,
Never realizing that a holy audience is present,
that it is your pleasure we seek,
not our own.

O God my life is meant to be a service of worship.
I am called out at your pleasure to be
nothing short of who you created me to be…

O God you are my God,
may I find strength to worship you all the day long.




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