I wonder...

... what it means that my blogger profile is shorter than my favorite books list.

... about the fact that I was supposed to preach last Sunday and church was cancelled because of ice and snow; so we moved it to this Sunday and the forecast is for ice and snow. Do sermons come with a "preach by" date so that we know when they might go bad?

... what my life would be like if my wife and I weren't going to move so that I could start a doctoral program.

... if I will ever be as good as my friends at some of the things that I admire them for.

... if I will ever be as creative as the people that I admire.

... if I will ever stop questioning why I'm not like someone else and just be me.

... what color my carpet will be after clean up all of the junk that has been sitting on it for months now.

... if I will ever see the same qualities in myself that others see in me.

... what conversations would look like if everyone felt secure, if everyone felt safe to speak, if everyone was treated with the kind of respect a child of God deserves.

... what kind of difference one person really makes. I realize that small pebbles cause big ripples, but they are still small pebbles.

... what will happen if the conversation I created this blog for ever gets started.

grace and peace



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